Moataz Gomma

At the last minute back in June 2014 I decided I wanted to do my first bodybuilding show and got in touch with Jeff at First Call Out Fitness. He only had 6 weeks to get me ready to compete in the Middleweight class, which meant dropping weight from 196 lbs to 175 lbs. We worked hard together, and Jeff was always there for me providing motivation when prep got hard, pushing me to do my cardio which I had to make time for at 5 AM in the morning since I was working and in school. Jeff has good experience and knowledge in nutrition which helped me preserve my muscle mass yet still come in as lean as possible in the short period of time we had to diet. He also helped me with posing and he was there for me on show day as well.

I placed 2nd out of 8 competitors which was really good for such a short prep, but next time we will start a little early and do a 20 week prep. This year we are looking for a first place win and the pro card as well.

Rick McCleary

Over the past couple of years, several people told me that I should do a bodybuilding show and that I would do well in physique. In the fall of 2014, I bumped into Jeff at Gold's in Westborough. Through brief chat, he told me that he trains/coaches athletes in bodybuilding competitions. He then told me that I would do well. At this time, he had just finished a show and was absolutely shredded... Didn't take me much to be sold on his knowledge and experience. Plus, he keeps himself in top condition which is meaningful on many levels. 

I decided to work with Jeff in December 2014 for a 4-5 week offseason and get right into contest prep. He suggested that I go right into bodybuilding rather than physique. I had signed up for the INBF Novice Show and NPC Cutler Classic (both in May 2015). 

Jeff provides nearly instant responses to any questions I have. He is always checking on my status, biofeedback, and progress. His goal was to get me ready early. The diet plans are flexible based on what I like and do not like to eat. The workouts are coordinated with the meal timing and my work schedule. Whenever I had to travel, Jeff hooked me up with travel diet plans for things I can pack and fly with and also buy when I land.

Naturally, I am a dedicated and focused individual. Jeff provided me the tools to reach my goals without setbacks. I can easily assume, it would be very difficult to find a coach that is this client focused and easy to work with. 

INBF: 3rd place overall (My lead up show. Lightest competitor) and best posing award. --- Jeff teaches posing!!

NPC Cutler Classic: 1st Open Bantam. 2nd Novice Lightweight

I reached my goals and placed high. I was a smaller competitor (142lbs) and beat much larger athletes based on my conditioning and posing. Ripped to the bone as some say. Not only did I reach my goals, I now have a stellar summer body!

I am looking forward to a full off season with Jeff. My goals is to compete as a true lightweight for 2016. 

Nicholas Choy

I contacted Jeff less than 8 weeks prior to my first competition with a body of an average college gym rat going to gym just to look good. I decided to compete because I wanted to live and breathe what a typical bodybuilder in the amateur to professional level would go through until show day. After contacting Jeff, he got me started right away and I received my first set of macros, my training routine, a grocery list, and cardio routine. Jeff presents everything on Excel sheets to convey detail on execution of the plans.  He told me to let him do the worrying and planning and that I should simply execute the plans and work hard each day - buying the foods, weighting each meal, doing cardio per his instruction and getting all my meals in at the times he specified. As an analogy, his notes/instructions are like “Bodybuilding for Dummies” where he specified everything to the dot and I was able to understand without questions.

Within 2 weeks, I saw visible results in terms of my overall muscular development due to drastic change in lower body fat percentage.  A few other things I noticed were improvements in vascularity and size, especially in my weaker body part- my legs was where I saw a huge difference in my pictures taken on day 1 compared to those taken 2-3 weeks later. Jeff also made necessary adjustments to the diet on a daily basis according to how I looked as well as analyzing the log I submitted to him on a weekly basis. Jeff was always on call whenever I needed his advice and addressed all my questions within minutes after texting him.  He will even remind you to text him your body weight in the morning just to “check-in” with you.  I am extremely fortunate to be able to have Jeff not my coach but as my mentor for my first 2015 Jay Cutler NPC competition where I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in just simply 2 months!

I placed 2nd in the Open Bantamweight class and 4th in the Novice Lightweight class. I look forward to working with Jeff again in my forthcoming bodybuilding competitions.

Erin Stimac

As a professional in the fitness industry (I manage a functional fitness gym, coach classes, and do no nutrition coaching as well) I take my health and fitness level pretty seriously.  That being said, I was struggling to find the balance with my own goals because I constantly am pouring into my clients and athletes.  I am a firm believer that every coach needs a coach and when you stop learning, you stop growing.  I hired Jeff to help me with my performance goals from a nutrition standpoint and to basically give me some structure and additional accountability. 

I've done a little bit of everything, from competing successfully in NPC bikini, to powerlifting, and competing in CrossFit, so I've been too lean, too big, and my metabolism has been through the ringer so he had his work cut out for him.  Jeff knows his stuff.  I've LOVED the process, and he's been extremely available, supportive, and helpful every step of the way. I honestly planned on having Jeff help me for a couple of months but I am three months in and planning on an additional 3 months at a bare minimum.  He has helped to get my metabolism humming along and I am eating more food (and carbs) than I have ever eaten in my life and the scale hasn't jumped up on me! Sometimes it's hard to trust the process but I truly trust Jeff and he has really helped me to get to the best place metabolically and from a performance standpoint than I've ever been.  I feel GREAT and most of all I feel healthy, and I love that! I highly recommend Jeff if you need someone with an incredible base of knowledge with nutrition to help you reach your goals whether that be performance, aesthetics, or general health & wellness.

Dominique Bouthillette

I had met Jeff back when I first started competing. We soon became good friends and lifting buddies and at this time I was also prepping with another stage coach for my very first season competing in bikini. I stayed with that coach another season until I realized that restrictive linear dieting wasn’t for me when I was struggling to stay sane throughout the process. I decided I wanted to try a flexible dieting prep where I wasn’t limited to tilapia, sweet potato, egg whites and broccoli. With that I asked Jeff to prep me for my fall shows in 2015. I dieted for 15 weeks with him, where the first 3 weeks of the prep I reverse-dieted into higher caloric range to still lose nearly 6lbs in 1.5 weeks. I was able to hit my lowest stage weight prepping with him through flexible dieting.

As a female competitor I have always had a hard time with my legs storing the most body fat and becoming lean for shows but it also became worse since training and prepping previously with a different coaching style. Jeff was able to help me shape them and lessen some of the mass I had added from an unstructured offseason program so I would have better overall symmetry for the bikini class. I had daily check-ins of morning weight and photos if asked so he could adjust programming or my diet plan at a moment’s notice. Jeff was always very accessible for questions and very accommodating with my diet up until crunch time where it was a little less flexible but I still was able to have structured cheat meals to help my metabolism continue burning calories as I needed it to. We came a very long way from where I began and in both shows I competed in, with stacked classes of girls, I made first call outs and placed top five in my classes. I was able to place 3rd at the INBF/WNBF Monster Mash and finally break the top 5 barrier with a 4th place finish at the NPC New England Championships in Boston. Some of these classes had 40+ girls in them so what Jeff helped me accomplish I think is incredible.

I plan to take time off to improve before competing again; however, I have no doubt in my mind I will be prepping again with First Call Out Fitness. Currently Jeff has taken over managing my offseason training and diet to make sure I am in the best position to succeed and surpass where I was in all my previous competitions.

Gael Henville

Grateful beyond measure!

Imagine being an athlete; formerly track and now a marathoner who is born with the genetics to shred easily for 30 of 31 years of running and competing. Now, imagine an immediate struggle to maintain race weight and halt gain. Yes, in a matter of months, my body went through menopause (I'm 48) and no matter what I did at the suggestion of my physician, running coach, all other resources, including my personal tried and true methods, I could NOT manage my increasing weight gain. It was as if a different person invaded my entire being; well truthfully, that is menopause. I went from a race weight of 128 to 141 in three months. I had an out of control oral fixation; I was driven to constantly eat even if I was not hungry. These hormonal changes were all new to me.

Jeffrey Su is my sister's coach, so I had strong trepidation about consulting him because our focus were two different sports. I am also a running coach and take great pride in looking the part. I was now in a place where I could relate to those who felt hopeless about managing their weight. My running pace also suffered. I was struggling mightily to even make 10 minutes miles; before I was at 8:30. I was breathless after doing my beloved 800 metres the first round out. I did not like how I felt in my clothing, my abs and quads were once my great pride, I now hid them and I refused to wear my Jeans. I could no longer comfortably fit them.

Out of desperation, I contacted him wondering if he truly knows the runner's need. Indeed he did; he does! He rewired my entire body including "my athlete" - the brain. This is what I admired most! It wasn't about just creating a diet and losing weight; it was ensuring that I was mentally aligned. Remember, the mind is your strength; feed it well and it will perform. It only performs the messages sent to it. Garbage in; garbage out. A simple suggestion of drinking a solid gallon of water a day show results by the end of day. My stomach lacked the typical end of day bloat and I could see the makings of abs again.

We thoroughly worked out a menu plan for my non-running days and fueling for my running days. I also learned that I was eating and drinking the wrong things on my long runs(between 13 -23 milers). The results after only one long run using the products and foods suggested by Jeffrey was amazing. Gone was the post run ravenous need. No water retention or cramping.

Truly, I will be 48 on December 4th and even though I am at race weight, my body is more stronger and leaner that it has been since 2009. My body fat dropped from 22% to 17.5; I will not go under 17. Even though with menopause the metabolism slows a bit and am off Jeffrey's diet, I have converted well. I still make the same food choices with macros that he provided; remember, he trained my brain. I have learned to make real tasty food with creative seasoning and cooking. Take it from me when I tell you that as a woman from the Caribbean, we love well seasoned and tasty foods. Eating from farm to table, field and sea, cleanly can be just as mmm mmmm good.

As for my pace; well that too is back! I bought Jeffrey's plan late spring and the photo is from a few weeks ago. Yes, I am still using his advice to combat the hormonal issues, maintain my body weight and confidence in my appearance and sport.

Justyna Arraes

My name is Justyna and I am a 36-year old mother of 3 beautiful girls. For many years I have struggled with my weight and self-confidence. I have tried all kinds of diets in the past and also different fitness classes, but none with much success. I was either dieting without much exercising, because I was too weak (not consuming enough calories) or I was exercising but not eating the right food. This was going on for years until I heard of Jeff Su, by the end of March 2018. I told him I really wanted to get leaner and stronger. He prescribed me a diet and a workout plan.

The beginning was a bit hard, but I was sticking to my plan 100%. Jeff was very supportive, and I really felt like I was his only client. He always answered any questions I had literally within minutes. He adjusted my diet and workout plan several times as I was losing weight. So far in 16 weeks I dropped 34 lbs!!! My journey is not over yet, but I already feel better, prettier, sexier and much more confident! I never thought I would say that, but I am excited about going to the gym and even crave it! I am so thankful to my husband for finding and hiring Jeff.

With his help I am achieving the body always wanted to have, which helped me feel better not only physically but also psychologically! If someone would tell me 6 months ago that I will look and feel like I do today I would never believe it. Today I know that with right diet, workout plan and right support from my trainer I can achieve anything!

Thank you, Jeff, for changing not only my body but my life!