Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What does First Call Out mean?

The "first call out" refers to the first group of competitors called out by the judging panel out of each category or weight class. Being a part of this group is a good thing, indicating top placement at a competition.

What makes First Call Out Fitness different?

In addition to a solid foundation of knowledge, experience, and proper certifications, First Call Out Fitness is lauded for professionalism, proactive client support, and 24/7 trainer accessibilty.

What is your coaching philosophy?

First Call Out Fitness aims to apply bodybuilding-based techniques to help anyone along the spectrum of fitness through Empathy, Education, and Support.

Starting with the initial consult, client needs are heard and used to create programs custom to each individual. Changes are made based on client feedback so if something isn’t working, we listen and work with you to figure out a better path.

Our goal is to enable you to optimize your fitness around any situation in your future, through knowledge and application. Strict diets don’t last forever, so we seek to educate you to make the best choices possible in all situations to meet and maintain your fitness goals.

When you join First Call Out Fitness you have access to a coach who will support and guide you 24/7. Our team is also composed of women and men across the country who you can lean on for additional support.

Do you only work with bodybuilders?

We work with everyone! Whether you want to compete in a show, train for a marathon, set new PRs at your CrossFit class, or kick butt at company soft ball, we can help you do it! We recognize that everyone falls in difference places on the "fitness spectrum", so we will work with you to acheive only the goals you want for your own body.

How does online coaching work?

We coach clients online by providing clear and precise directions in written programming coupled with 24/7 support via e-mail, text, phone, and social media. Clients “check in” at least 1-2 times per week so program adjustments can be made based on their feedback. This high level of personalized support and attention is why clients today prefer online coaching versus the traditional personal training session in a commercial gym or boutique studio.

Do you offer in-person training?

Yes, we do offer in-person or personal training. Please visit the Services tab to read more about in-person training.

What's the difference between a month-to-month package and a paid in full (PIF) package?

Month-to-month memberships are commitment free but they come with a down payment equivalent to the monthly charge and then you are billed each month thereafter. Paid in full packages require you to pay for several months up front but they come at a discounted rate. Month-to-month memberships may be cancelled at any time, but paid in full packages may only be frozen. Both plans are non-refundable.

I want to cancel my subscription. How do I do that?

Sign ups are completed through PayPal, so simply log into your PayPal account and cancel your subscription there. To confirm your cancellation, send us an e-mail too at so we can make sure things are all set for you.