Our services are based on a foundation in nutrition.

First Call Out Fitness is, primarily, a nutrition consulting service. We work with a variety of clients - from weekend warriors to competitive athletes to women wanting to lose post-pregnancy weight. Our approach to nutrition is catered to a client's background, goals, skill set, and health history. We can construct a framework to help you take your first steps into the world of healthier eating, or we can build detailed "macro-oriented" meal plans to help you prepare for your competitive event.

Which plan is right for me?

A successful fitness journey depends on a strong and positive relationship between client and consultant. Because clients come from different backgrounds and have varying experience levels and needs, our plans are designed to support beginners and seasoned athletes alike, to ensure that a great relationship is formed. First Call Out Fitness offers four different service plans to meet your needs. Every plan begins with a foundation in proper nutrition.

Free Phone Consult

First Call Out Fitness offers a free initial phone consult. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and find out if training with First Call Out Fitness is right for you. It is important to find the right match when seeking a consultant because the working relationship can become very detailed and intimate and approaching obstacles as a team is key. We encourage all prospective clients to ask questions and make sure the fit is perfect before starting.

What we offer

To become a client, start by choosing from one of our service plans. First Call Out Fitness offers four different service plans which provide different levels of client focused attention whether you are a competitor or just someone looking to improve your health. Each service plan is available on a monthly, no commitment subscription basis and in 3-month, 6-month or 12-month packages at discounted rates. Choose a service plan that delivers the level of detail and support you need to reach your goals.

One-on-one personal training is offered to Massachusetts residents only.